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With ENSIA you set up the accountability system for information security as effectively and efficiently as possible. With this audit, you are assured of optimal accountability.

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About the ENSIA audit

With the ENSIA audit you are assured of optimal accountability. With ENSIA, you set up the accountability system for information security as effectively and efficiently as possible. The audit should not be seen as 'ticking off' the boxes, but as a means for your organization to improve and guarantee information security. We are happy to help you in this audit process.

Our approach

Since the introduction of the ENSIA audit, our independent and qualified IT auditors have gained extensive experience with many municipalities. On the basis of the standards framework, you will gain insight into the state of affairs. We increase overall security by looking for possible weak spots in your organization. This way you are assured of optimal security. In addition to the actual audit, which is necessary for accountability purposes, the auditors will provide you with the results that will guide you in adjusting and improving the organizational processes.

ENSIA pre-audit

Gathering evidence is not always easy. Conducting the pre-audit in the fall gives room to complete the audit well prepared, structured and without surprises.

We are conducting the ENSIA audit in phases and as a process. The pre-audit starts earlier. This way we spread the audit burden and your organization has earlier certainty about the result of the audit. At the end of the pre-audit, you receive a report with findings and recommendations. You can also read how your organization is doing. Based on our findings, you can already take action and implement improvements even before the self-assessment is completed and submitted and the formal audit is performed.

Average rating 8.5

Practice what you preach. Just as our audits are aimed at continuous improvement, we also continuously improve our own audit services. By talking to our clients about what goes well and what could be improved, we continue to learn and improve. Last year we conducted the ENSIA audit for over 50 municipalities with an average rating of 8.5. From scheduling the appointment for the audit to sending the report.

Did you know that...
our ENSIA audit is rated an average of 8.5?

"The pre-audit helps determine where you stand at the time and gives confidence. The auditor indicates what is not yet complete, and the actual audit goes faster as a result."

Municipality of Roosendaal

ENSIA Audit Basis

The ENSIA Audit basis is limited to the minimum requirements. It provides you with an assurance statement on your organization's declaration on the SUWI and DigiD connections of the municipality. We also offer other solutions to support the ENSIA process such as (digital) pen testing of the IT infrastructure and vulnerability scans.

Start on time

On July 1, the new ENSIA year starts. The self-evaluation period runs until December 31. Six months may seem a lot, but in addition to answering all ENSIA questions, you also need to add supporting documents to the file before the end of the year. Therefore, start on time. This will prevent stress and moreover it will support your organization in controlling the business processes.

"It's very nice that the auditor thinks along with an organization from his role and genuinely looks and listens to people when they need to explain something in more detail."

Etten-Leur Municipality

The audit process

Step by step, our auditors go through the audit process. This way you know exactly what needs to be delivered at which step. We will also go through the quality requirements for the evidence to be delivered with you in detail. In this way you can continue to concentrate on your core task and at the same time go through the audit process properly.