Getting a grip on ever-increasing data

Hans Anders is a leading Dutch optician- and audiologist chain. For more than 35 years they offer the consumer a wide range of (sun)glasses, lenses and hearing aids. The company grew considerably in recent years and has over 440 branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. As a result, the amount of data within the organization increases rapidly. How do you get a grip on this data and how do you make sure, you get the valuable insights you need? Hans Anders chose a solution that integrates all flows of information and converts these into relevant information. A future-proof data warehouse.

From fragmented to reliable data

Hans Anders sought a solution to properly organize the increasing amount of data. A lot of data was fragmented, reports were not clearly defined and there were many duplications. Causing a lack of insight that would enable Hans Anders to make well-informed decisions. The time had come to put their data logistics in order. Hans Anders asked Inergy to develop a data warehouse. This is a single location where all data is collected. Starting with data from Sales and Budgets. Followed by timesheets, inventory and other data sources. The data is clearly defined and ensuring that everybody speaks the same language. Integrated BI tools supply Hans Anders with the necessary information to drive more focused on management level, from marketing to the shop floor. Regional managers, on their way to the stores, can pull the latest status on a mobile dashboard.

Analysis from the shop floor to promotions

Hans Anders now has access to the information to control / steer the various layers of the organization. Whether it is about the conversion of stores, optimizing marketing activities or the effectiveness of promotions. Easy analyses are made by the organization itself based on current and reliable data.

Finding new opportunities

The cooperation with Hans Anders clearly shows what you, as a retailer can achieve through getting your data landscape under control. They have a central location for complete information. Hans Anders will continue to search for new opportunities to use data to optimize and operate smarter.  For example, with advanced analytical applications to optimize stocks and to detect fraud. Inergy ensures that this information is and remains easily available.

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A data warehouse that combines all information?

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