Sorting out information supply

Intergamma is the organization behind the successful DIY store formula Gamma and Karwei. With over 400 hardware stores they are one of the most successful DIY chains in the Netherlands and Belgium. Intergamma contacted Inergy Analytical Solutions to increase the level of information in the organization. Information was spread over numerous systems. That made uniform reporting very difficult.

Step-by-step toward greater insight

With a data warehouse Intergamma bade farewell to the information silos. Step-by-step, the data of individual hardware stores and departments is accessed and integrated. As a result, Intergamma is gaining more up-to-date and reliable information, on the basis of which they can make well-informed decisions. Because the data is clearly defined, everyone in the organization works in a uniform manner. The platform also acts as a data hub, providing the appropriate information to the other applications from Intergamma. For example, for workforce planning, shelf arrangement and remittance to franchisees.

Ensure performance

The data warehouse initially ran on the IT-infrastructure of Intergamma. Because of the increasing amount of data, the organization needed to improve the response rate of the reports. This made Intergamma decide to call on Inergy Analytical Solutions services and the solution now runs on a private cloud location. And with that, Intergamma not only resolved their performance issues, but also doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance and management of the system. Now Intergamma can focus on analyzing and applying the data. Inergy ensures that up-to-date and reliable information is available anytime, anywhere.

Grow with the organization

The data warehouse continues to evolve. Every question leads to new insights. And every new insight leads to new questions. Intergamma and Inergy Analytical Solutions face this challenge together. For example, by adding relevant external date, like market date from GfK, to compare Intergamma’s performance against that of the competition. This way the data warehouse of Intergamma grows with the demand from the organization.

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A data warehouse that combines all information?

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