375.000 Satisfied customers every day

In the Netherlands Sodexho has 5,400 employees at 1,300 locations working every day for approximately 375,000 consumers. The company provides a wide range of services to ensure that customers can focus on their core business. This ranges from catering to security and from issuing work wear to the building and renovation of office buildings. A complex set, in which insight and control are indispensable.

A strong drive

Sodexo Nederland’s CFO, Martijn van der Woerdt, was pleasantly surprised by Inergy’s pragmatic approach. “Inergy’s consultants were able to convince us immediately with their knowledge of Business Intelligence and analytics. But at least as important was their drive to find a solution. I felt right away: I am sitting opposite someone who is very passionate about his work and doesn’t leave until I am happy.

Totally unburdened

The data warehouse solution Sodexo uses is a dedicated SaaS-solution. SaaS stands for Software as a Service, which means that both data and software for Business Intelligence and Analytics are hosted by Inergy. With this solution we unburden customers completely. “The solution is rock solid”, says Volker Stronkhorst, CIO at Sodexo Nederland. “There is rarely, if ever, something wrong with it and updates always run smoothly. Also, the larger projects are within budget and agreed time. Inergy is proactively contributing ideas.”

Analyze smarter too?

Insight from data

Inergy’s solution provides Sodexo with useful insights by combining data from different sources. For example, fraud detection improved significantly by means of cash register data. And by making the hours worked comprehensible, Sodexo benefits from valuable control information. Finally, the period closures proceed much more smoothly.

JanKees Lampe


Analyze your logistics processes smarter?

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