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Weener Plastics produces and supplies plastic packaging. From bottles and caps for sauces to jars for skin creams. The company operates in 16 countries and continues to grow worldwide. And there lies the challenge. All locations have their own systems and data. How do you get a good insight into the entire companies’ performance? Instead of moving to one system globally, Weener Plastics chose a faster, efficient and cost-effective solution. A data warehouse that combines all information.

From error sensitive to accurate

Before it was a day’s task for Weener Plastics: transfer data from SAP, IQMS and even excel sheets from different countries and locations to a readable and analyzable overview. This took a lot of time, money and was extremely error prone.

The company was ready for change. Together with Inergy Analytical Solutions data specialists, Weener Plastics developed a data warehouse. “We started with the Sales department”, explains Frank Habers, Business Intelligence Consultant at Inergy. “We made the budgeting process transparent so that Sales can draw up more focused sales budgets and monitor progress”. After that, the Operations department was next. All production data is now displayed according to the industry standard, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

“Operations can monitor the plant’s running at a high level, but, for example, can also see in detail how an individual machine performs. “In addition, we have insight into the type of failure and downtime,” says Martijn Beuker, BI Developer at Inergy. “This makes it easier to determine in which country they can produce, because they know exactly where machines are available.”

Fuel for a good conversation

Juggling data is a thing of the past for Weener Plastics. The management team now has access to unambiguous data to help them drive the organization more effectively. “The data warehouse provides fuel for a good conversation based on well-founded information”, says Habers. “This way, data really creates added value.”

Get a taste for it

The cooperation with Weener Plastics is a good example of continuous improvement.  “There is a solid foundation”, Beuker explains. “We optimize this solid base non-stop, so that Weener Plastics can get the most out of the available data.” Ultimately, all processes of the entire organization should end up in the data warehouse. “Weener Plastics got the taste for it”. Habers explains. “At first it was difficult to collect all the data and process it correctly. Now we have a handle on it and that makes targeted management possible.

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A data warehouse that combines all information?

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