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Release LIAS Enterprise 1.63

On December 11, 2020 we will release the next version of LIAS Enterprise. A version full of improvements and new functionalities.

You can read a short sample per module of the changes and improvements here. For the details, please refer to the release notes. We will send an email with these releasenotes on December 11, 2020. Don't normally get these emails? Then send an email to Then we will put you on the mailing list.

Risk Management

When deleting elements on the map, an annoying error has been fixed, making it possible to save this map again.

Document Management and Reports

There were situations when printing the document that caused an error in the application. These situations have been fixed.

Some optimizations have been made in the wizard that have improved memory usage.

Performance Management

The retrieval of data with the wizard has received an update which has made using the wizard faster. In addition, we have added spell check to the fields text with formatting.

Financial Management

General: We have picked up a bundling of reports on layouts in Financial Management.

MIP/Assets : In addition to new functionality, we have resolved several findings in this version. Most notable is the added functionality that automatically creates the counter entries for depreciation and interest.

Maintenance module

The message center has undergone an improvement and emails sent as reminders for a financial workflow task now contain the correct info.
Also note that Microsoft TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 is no longer supported for sending emails through Office365. Version 1.62SP2 and 1.63 support the successor of this standard, TLS 1.2.

In data linking, we have made the writing of the data more efficient so that it takes less memory and less time.

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Would you like more information about how we are working with the sounding board group on the new MIP/Acitva module? Then listen to our podcast with Jan van Veen, Financial Advisor at the municipality of Utrecht and Leonard Boot, Product Owner at Inergy. In this interview they take you through the development of the MIP assets module.

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