Find your perfect product range with Inergy Assortment Optimization.

Put together an attractive product range using our selection tool. The tool provides insight into the performance of items, in order for you to dispose of less popular products and optimize your purchasing activities. The result: lower revenue loss, higher margins and a more sustainable world. 

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What our selection tool for assortment optimization will do for you

  • Lower revenue loss
  • Better margins
  • Contribution to a more sustainable world

What you can expect from us

01. Lower revenue loss

When you know which items are bestsellers in your branch, or even in your whole formula, you can improve your purchasing. The better your purchasing, the less you will have to discard products or reduce prices. How does this work? The selection tool scores each item, indicating how important the item is for your customers. That score is the sum of factors, including how often and in which shopping trip the product is bought, for example the weekly shopping. At a single glance you will see which products are important to your branch and which are not.

02. Better margins

Driving your business on higher margin items is simpler with our selection tool. You can generate more turnover with fewer items. Say, your shop sells several low-priced soft drinks. The selection tool will specify which low-priced brand of what soft drink performs best. You can remove the brands that are underperforming from your product range in good conscience.

03. Contribution to a more sustainable world

A product range that is aligned to customer preferences and behavior, contributes to higher customer satisfaction, but also to a more sustainable company. Next to lower revenue loss, you reduce the use of plastics and transport by lorry to your shop.

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Find your perfect product range with Inergy Assortment Optimization.

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