Know your customers and have them return over and over again.

Customers return weekly, sometimes daily. But how well do you actually know them? By understanding customer behavior, you can tailor your strategy and thereby increase you customer loyalty. With our solution you really get to know your customer. 

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What our solution for customer loyalty can mean to you

  • Insight in customer behavior
  • Better strategy definition
  • Growth in revenue

What you can expect from us

  1. Insight in customer behavior

Our solution analyzes purchases (cash receipts), as well as customer PIN usage. This helps you find out your customers’ purchasing frequency, what they spend and when they have made their last purchase. With this information you can assign a loyalty score to the customer, and then simply take the next step: determine your strategy.

  1. Better strategy definition

You know the number of customers loyal to your branch. You also know the number of customers less loyal. This means you can steer more focused towards gaining more loyal customers. For example, through more promotions or by launching a loyalty program. By linking customer data to sociographic data from the region, you are able to make more radical adjustments tailored to the target group of the branch. For example, by offering more products that fit into a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Growth in revenue

Through this solution, which allows you to understand the behavior of your customers, you can be more focused on increasing the number of loyal customers and increase customer satisfaction. And every retailer knows: more loyal and satisfied customers mean more revenue.

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