Data-driven optimization of existing and new locations

See the lost potential of your existing locations with our location optimization tool at a glance. Additionally, take advantage of efficiency scores per branch, instantly showing which branches perform well and which do not.

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What our solution for location optimization can mean to you:

  • Insight in potential revenue growth current locations
  • Insight in revenue potential new locations
  • Data-driven decision-making site selection

What you can expect from us

01. Insight in potential revenue growth current locations

We combine in- and external data in an advanced data science model and calculate the maximum revenue potential for each location. By combining that potential with current sales, we reach a ranking in efficiency per location. Success or failure are clear and comprehensible.

02. Insight in revenue potential new locations

Our data science model offers an insight in the revenue potential of the new location. With only address and intended floor space as input, the solution calculates the exact revenue potential in only a few minutes.

03. Data-driven decision-making site selection

The success of a retailer also depends on the location of the real estate. With our solution you will have the insight to make a well-informed decision on the location. And with that also the justification for the related investment.

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