Win the battle for the right price with dynamic pricing

Fully automated price setting of your products based on price changes at your competitor. This generates a more consistent pricing policy, more time, less costs and improved business operations. 

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What our dynamic pricing solution can do for you

  • A more competitive and up-to-date pricing policy
  • Cost savings
  • Improved business operation

What you can expect from us

01. A more competitive and up-to-date pricing policy

Our solution enables you to pursue a consistent pricing policy, with better margins. The solution matches your products with the range of your competitors, making sure you don’t lose the battle for the customer. 
After which you set the rules that automatically adjust your prices whenever a competitor changes their prices. For example; do you always want your product to be priced two percent below the price of a similar item from your competitor? The tool will arrange that for you. The solution takes into account the price sensitivity of products, which enables you to impose restrictions, so that the changes in price-sensitive products do not fluctuate too much.

02. Cost savings

The dynamic pricing solution is fully automated. Determining product prices involves much less human interaction than before. This saves directly on personnel cost. Which leaves your employees with time to spend on other value added activities for your company.

03. Improved business operation

Price management is weekly recurring process for many retailers. More often than not this process is not well streamlined and there is not clear distribution of roles. This solution simplifies the process and makes it more efficient. In addition, our solution pushes the new pricing provisions back into the operational process, enabling branches to quickly start on tagging the items with the customized prices.

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