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Easy to understand control information

LIAS Analytics

With LIAS Analytics, all dashboards are bundled in a Power BI App. The dashboards can be viewed on mobile, tablet and laptop and are always available.

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Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software. Onder andere:

Clear communication

A well-built dashboard is the method for presenting large amounts of data. Developments, trends and striking deviations are thus clearly visible.

Tailored to the target group

Within the Power BI App, it is possible to see only the information that is relevant to you based on row level security and user groups. For example, a budget holder will see different information than his or her colleague or department head.

Compare different cycles quickly and insightfully

In the Power BI App all dashboards are bundled. This gives you direct insight into the management information without having to spend time generating a dashboard yourself.

Standard dashboards

With LIAS Analytics you have direct insight into the management information without having to generate dashboards for this yourself.

Performance Monitor

A specially developed dashboard to display the progress of goals and ambitions. Clear graphs make it possible to retrieve the current state of affairs at a single glance.

Access anywhere

The Power BI dashboards are accessible anytime and anywhere. In the dashboards information can be found from the financial system, such as Performance Management and Risk Management. Also for the Internal Control you get insight into the processes that are steered.

Seeing is believing. Request a free demo.

In a conversation and demonstration, everything becomes so much clearer.