Cookie Policy

This Cookie Statement describes the cookies used by Inergy B.V. (hereafter also: “Inergy” or “we” and “us”) through the website (hereafter referred to as the “Website”) and for what purpose these cookies are used.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of (text)information that are sent to your browser when you visit a website, and are then stored on your hard drive or in the memory of your computer, tablet or mobile phone (hereafter referred to as “Device”). Cookies stored on your device through a website cannot damage your device or the files stored on it.

What cookies does Inergy use?

Analytics cookies

For the collection of statistics regarding the use and visit of the website, Inergy uses analytical services. This data is analyzed by the provider of these analytical services and the results are provided to Inergy. This provides Inergy with insight into the use of the Website and, if necessary, use it to modify the Website and/or its services. If required by law, the analytics service may provide this information to third parties. Inergy uses the following analytics services: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager.

We have set up our analytics services as privacy-friendly as possible. This means that we have taken the following measures to protect your privacy:

  1. We have agreed with the supplier of the analytical service that the data should not be used for other purposes.

Tracking cookies

Inergy uses third-party cookies on the Website that may offer you personalized offers based on your browsing habits.

The website places a cookie on your Device with a unique number. This cookie makes it possible to recognize your Device when you, after visiting our website, browse to another website which is part of the same ad network. This enables Inergy to show you advertisements on that other website.

The data collected in this way, is used by Inergy only to show our advertisements on other websites and will not be linked to other files.

Delete cookies

You can always revoke the permission you have given Inergy to place and read cookies, by setting your browser to not accept cookies or by deleting all cookies already posted in your browser. Check your browser’s help function to see how you can delete cookies.

However, you should be aware that the deletion of cookies could result in some parts of the Website not working or not working properly anymore.

The refusal and deletion of cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this action. If you use multiple computers and/or browsers, you must repeat the above action(s) for each computer and/or browser.

Privacy Statement

The information collected by a cookie may contain personal information. If so, Inergy’s Privacy Statement applies to the processing of these personal data. The Privacy Statement can be found on the Website.


This Cookie Statement can be amended. Amendments to this Cookie Statement will be made available through the Website.


If you have any questions about this Cookie Statement, please send a message to