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DigiD Audit

Easily meet all DigiD standards with the DigiD audit. To be able to use a DigiD connection on your website, the government requires an audit trail.

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All about the DigiD audit of Inergy

Our approach

With the audit trail, we annually test the ICT security of your DigiD connection. We do this under the responsibility of a Registered EDP Auditor. This is listed in the NOREA register. Our independent auditors carry out the audit in one or more sections. There is also an external vulnerability assessment on the systems of your organization. The audit results in two formal reports: one for your organization and one you can submit to Logius. Do we find weak spots in the security of your organization? Then we will draw your attention to them. This way, you are assured of optimal security every year.

Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning

In case you do not have a SaaS TPM statement and a Hosting TPM statement, then a penetration test and/or a vulnerability test is part of the audit process. Note that as of 2016, multiple Vulnerability Scans are required. Here you need to make the consideration of how many scans are necessary, depending on the risks. The penetration test should meet the process requirements as set by NOREA.

Audit support

Do you need support in preparing the audit file? Then we will be happy to help you with that. Our consultants are familiar with the standards framework and take the right measures based on your specific situation. Together with the consultant you determine the level of support.

The audit process

Step by step, our auditors go through the audit process. This way you know exactly what needs to be delivered at which step. We will also go through the quality requirements for the evidence to be delivered with you in detail. In this way you can continue to concentrate on your core task and at the same time go through the audit process properly.