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Annexum invests in real estate on behalf of private investors. Determining the right purchase and rental price is crucial. Inergy developed a tool that uses various data sources and algorithms. Sebastiaan Andringa, retail asset manager at Annexum talks about this tool.

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Insights rather than presumptions

Together with the data specialists of Inergy, Annexum developed a tool that determines the optimal rent per square meter. This calculation is based on all sorts of data. Demographic data on the composition of the neighborhood, for example. The Central Bureau of Statistics records data such as disposable income, family composition, age and the ratio of men to women. Sebastiaan Andringa, asset manager retail at Annexum, is enthusiastic about the new tool. "You don't have to be a seasoned retailer to sense that women like to browse a bit more while men prefer to leave a store as quickly as possible. Yet we did not expect the effect to be so strong. One percent more women already leads to significantly higher sales."

Well equipped for the job

With this smart tool, based on data analysis and logarithmic models, Annexum now makes better informed decisions. "We are better equipped," says Andinga. "When acquiring a new property, we can determine how high the value should be based on the rent. And the model also has its value in talks with existing tenants. We can immediately see for which properties we are asking too low a rent and can substantiate that with data." Using the model, Annexum determined that family income, the number of supermarkets in the neighborhood and the number of elderly people and children have a major impact on sales.

"It takes an awful lot of time to manually update all the data, moreover it is a costly and error-prone process. We are going to automate that as much as possible with the help of Inergy."

Sebastiaan Andringa - Asset manager retail at Annexum

Change data

The model uses data from a variety of sources. Sometimes that data comes from Annexum's own systems, sometimes from public sources and sometimes from paid sources. "Of course, that data is constantly changing," Andinga explains. "The population is growing, the spending power is changing, new residential areas are being built. In addition, the Netherlands has 4000 supermarkets, which means that every day a store disappears or appears somewhere. It takes an awful lot of time to update all that data manually, and it's a costly and error-prone process. We're going to automate that as much as possible with Inergy's help."

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