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Met actiegerichte dashboards heb je in één oogopslag de voor jou belangrijkste KPI’s inzichtelijk. Vereenvoudig periodieke rapportages en neem op data gebaseerde beslissingen.

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Turn data into insights with dashboards

Give every employee in the organization the insights they need in interactive and actionable dashboards. This way you improve processes, easily create periodic reports and make data-driven decisions.

We understand that every organization and every function requires its own specific dashboards. That is why we create dashboards for you that are fully tailored to the needs of the user. Together with you, we link the various data sources to the dashboard, determine which KPIs you want to see in the dashboard and what the most appropriate tool is.

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Daan de Schepper in conversation with Berend Wijte
colleague Michael Alvares behind laptop in Woerden office

Understanding your organization's current performance

Thanks to an interactive KPI dashboard, you have insight into the current performance of your organization or department at a glance. This allows you to make the right decisions on time. Decisions that are based on data. Current and accurate data. We unlock all data sources and make this data transparent in a KPI dashboard. Fully tailored to the needs of you and your colleagues.

For example, you compare the performance of your marketing campaigns, extract information from your CRM system or ERP system, gain insight into financial results and analyze sales team performance.

We create your dashboard in Power BI in just one week.

Get new insights quickly

Dashboard in one week

We build your desired KPI dashboard, in Power BI, in one week. That means starting on Monday and delivering on Friday. The dashboard is then actually ready for use. Find out all about our working method.

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Choose the best tool for your dashboards

We have extensive experience with tools such as Power BI, MicroStrategy and Tableau. Are you already using one of these tools and want to continue using it? No problem, we will build your desired dashboards entirely in this tool.

Would you like advice on the most suitable tool to create your dashboard in? Our consultants are happy to think along with you. They will list the pros and cons of the various tools for you. That way you can choose the most suitable solution for your organization.

Are you already using Power BI? Then choose for our Power BI Consult. We will analyze your Power BI environment and give you practical tips to improve it.

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Remo Schimmel and Peter Boumans in conversation at the Woerden office
Remo on the phone at the office

Easily add new data sources or KPIs

Wishes and needs in terms of KPIs and dashboards are constantly changing and growing with the organization. That is why we don't just build your dashboards. We manage them and develop them continuously. This way, you no longer have to worry about your dashboards.

Do you want to add new data sources to the dashboard in the future? Or do you want to provide colleagues with new KPIs or insights? No problem. We make your dashboards ready for the future again.

We relieve you of all your worries. You'll never be confronted with any surprises and you can concentrate fully on your own work. Things you know all about. After all, we know all about dashboarding.

Wij zorgen voor een razendsnel KPI dashboard op maat

Good, accurate and reliable insights. Together, we provide one version of the truth.

Wij zorgen voor razendsnelle dashboards. Zo voorzie jij al je collega’s van de inzichten die zij nodig hebben. De dashboards zijn altijd volledig up-to-date met de meest recente data. Zo zorg je voor één versie van de waarheid.

  • Eliminate labor-intensive, error-prone work and save time.
  • Give all your colleagues the insights they need. At any time of day.
  • Insights from all data sources in your organization. Completely in the cloud.
  • Eliminate the clutter of Excel documents and manual reports.
  • Data silos, manual data exports and data transformations are a thing of the past.
profile picture peter ledeboer

Peter Ledeboer – Specialist data analytics

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Tips and advice

Power BI Consult

It is the dark side of Power BI's success within your organization: A proliferation of reports, poor data quality, data sets take too long to refresh, reports are slow to respond, every developer uses their own standards and there is no grip on authorization. Time for a professional Power BI Consult.

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Starting with a dashboard

During this webinar, you will learn how an actionable dashboard is put together, get tips for creating dashboards, and learn what the most common pitfalls are.

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How we work

Our way of working

From our vision and principles, we have developed our way of working. Find out more about our working method and our Proof of Concept. Together we make impact with your data.

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Get to know Inergy

About us

Find out all about the Inergy company and the data-driven solutions we offer organizations in terms of data management, analytics and KPI dashboarding.

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Referentie Rituals

“Voor ons is Inergy echt een trusted partner. Samen zijn we aan dit grote avontuur begonnen. We hebben al prachtige resultaten bereikt.”

Rituals is going all out to improve business performance by managing more sharply. With Inergy's help, a robust data platform with Power BI was built.

Martijn Willems, Director of Control & Analytics at Rituals:
"With the Power BI platform, we manage to manage continuously, even at the store level. In Power BI dashboards, we can read all transactions. This means that we have almost real-time information about how sales are doing. Not only for all our stores together, but also per region or even per store..

Find out more about our partnership with Rituals.

Your partner for creating dashboards.

Whatever challenge you have, we will help you.

With over 22 years of experience in creating and maintaining dashboards, we do not shy away from any challenge. We don't just build your dashboard, we continuously manage and develop the dashboards.

  • Over 22 years of experience creating KPI dashboards.
  • Your partner in the field of data analytics.
  • Power BI, Tableau and MicroStrategy.
  • Microsoft Partner, Snowflake Premier Partner and SqlDBM Silver Partner.
  • ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 certified. 
profile picture peter ledeboer

Peter Ledeboer – Specialist data analytics

✔ choose your own day and time ✔ free and without obligation

Interactive demo dashboard

Below is an interactive example of a KPI dashboard designed by our Power BI consultants. In the dashboard, you can easily filter on the information you want. Do you want to see on the "Employees" tab only information about the Sales department? Then click "Sales" on the "Employees" tab. All information on this tab will now be filtered automatically.

This dashboard concerns an example. Every manager has his or her own wishes and needs when it comes to dashboarding. Therefore, we tailor each dashboard completely to your needs so that you have immediate insight into the most important information for you.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us

Would you like to talk to us about your data issue? Our data specialist Peter will contact you within one business day for a no-obligation introductory meeting.

Don't feel like waiting and mailing back and forth to make an appointment? Then schedule an appointment directly yourself on a day and time that suits you best.

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