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Advanced analytics

By using your available data intelligently, you gain new insights, create smart predictive models and make data-based decisions.

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Turn raw data into actionable information

With Advanced data analytics, you turn raw data into actionable information. You then use this information to make better data-driven decisions throughout your organization.

Met technieken van Data Science en Artificial Intelligence kies je the best way forward. Waar descriptive en diagnostic analytics het verleden analyseren, kijken predictive en prescriptive analytics naar de toekomst en hoe je deze naar je hand kunt zetten. Onze ervaren Data Scientists helpen je graag om jouw vragen te beantwoorden.
Met Data Science en Artificial Intelligence ben je in staat patronen te herkennen in gigantische hoeveelheden en diverse soorten data om nauwkeurige voorspellingen te doen.

With these insights:

  • Anticipate what will happen in the future;
  • Gain more insight into customer behavior and customer segments;
  • Personalize your products and services;
  • Differentiate yourself from competition and facilitate growth.

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Data science & AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows us to replicate cognitive skills in intelligent machines to perform human and more complex tasks.

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Our Solutions

Our proven advanced analytics solutions help take your organization to the next level. See an overview of our solutions here.

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Reference Detailresult

Analytics is revolutionizing retail

Thanks to Inergy's data solutions, Detailresult Group can respond to trends and developments, make statements about specific customer groups and work more efficiently. Inergy developed several tools for Detailresult (supermarket chains Dirk van den Broek and DekaMarkt), including for assortment optimization and location selection.

Bart Oprel, CFO Detailresult:
"Start with a practical problem and show what the results are. Delineate well what you will and will not do. And choose a partner that suits you."

Find out more about our partnership with Detailresult.

Lina Nsoni-Zau and Carlijn van Schaik in discussion

Discover the value of your data

Did you know that only 1% of all data in the world is actually analyzed? Many organizations collect data, but are unsure how to use it. Do you want to do more with your available data? Together we will explore your data and find practical applications for your organization.

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Data Discovery Analytics

Make better and more fact-based decisions with reliable data analytics. In this white paper, you'll learn how to get actionable answers to your stated hypotheses using a clear roadmap.

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How to get started with Data Analytics

Learn how to get a good start with Data Analytics, what practical applications there are for the data in your organization, and how a data platform helps you improve business performance.

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Reference - Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg

Data science and AI applied at WML

WML (Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg) wanted to gain more insight into the reasons and causes for customer contact. This would show the impact of repeat traffic and prevent it in the future, where possible. With the help of Inergy this was achieved using data science techniques.

Myrko Webers, head of customer service at WML, and Melvin Agten, Data Scientist at Inergy, talk about this successful project.

More about our partnership with WML.

About Inergy

Inergy is jouw partner op gebied van data. We helpen organisaties al 25 jaar om alle waarde uit hun data te halen. We bieden full service dataoplossingen op basis van de meest effectieve en efficiënte technologieën van dit moment. We zijn officieel Snowflake Premier Partner. Daarnaast zijn we ISAE 3402 en ISO 27001 gecertificeerd waardoor jouw data gegarandeerd veilig is.

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Data analyst at Milieu Service Nederland
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