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Dashboard in a week

We build your dashboard, in Power BI in one week. That means starting on Monday and delivery on Friday. The dashboard is then ready to use.

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Dashboard in one week

You want a good dashboard on the basis of which you can actually make good decisions. In your own organization, you mostly hear how complex it is to get that done. Different applications and data sources that cannot be directly combined lead to complex IT projects at high costs. Even though your initial question seemed so simple, right?

The solution: Dashboard in one week.

Start your application directly

We build your desired dashboard, in Power BI in one week. That means starting on Monday and delivery on Friday. The dashboard is then really ready to use.

We start from your wishes

Of course it is complex to set up a data warehouse and create a data model that unlocks all applications. Together with you as "business-owner" we look at the desired information. Based on that info we build the dashboard. That way we know for sure that you will actually use it.

Only after it is clear what information is needed do we look at the sources of that data and unlock it. Our experience shows that this method is many times faster and simpler than the traditional way of thinking from a central data warehouse.

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Our way of working

1. Kick-offs and interviews

On Monday we start with kick-offs and interviews with the most important "stakeholders". This can be a management team, but also for example the HR department that wants a better picture of the absenteeism or the sales team that wants a better insight into the sales cycle.

2. Analyze data sources.

Tuesday is dedicated to analyzing the data sources. We determine from which applications/source systems what data is necessary to feed the dashboard. We therefore spend time on Tuesday with the application owners of the applications involved.

3. Linking data sources

Wednesday is all about actually getting the data. We ensure that all relevant data sources are linked to the dashboard.

4. Build Dashboard

On Thursdays, we create the actual dashboard. We do this internally at Inergy because we have a large number of Power BI specialists there who collectively produce an optimal dashboard as quickly as possible.

5. Deliver dashboard

We use the Friday morning for final improvements and tests on the dashboard and in the afternoon we present the final result to you. With the presentation we also provide a description of the operation and how the data sources are unlocked. We do this so you can actually start using the dashboard.

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Starting with a dashboard

During this webinar, you will learn how an actionable dashboard is put together, get tips for creating dashboards, and learn what the most common pitfalls are.

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How we work

Our way of working

From our vision and principles, we have developed our way of working. Find out more about our working method and our Proof of Concept. Together we make impact with your data.

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Get to know Inergy

About us

Find out all about the Inergy company and the data-driven solutions we offer organizations in terms of data management, analytics and KPI dashboarding.

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Reference Detailresult

Analytics is revolutionizing retail

Thanks to Inergy's data solutions, Detailresult Group can respond to trends and developments, make statements about specific customer groups and work more efficiently. Inergy developed several tools for Detailresult (supermarket chains Dirk van den Broek and DekaMarkt), including for assortment optimization and location selection.

Bart Oprel, CFO Detailresult:
"Start with a practical problem and show what the results are. Delineate well what you will and will not do. And choose a partner that suits you."

Find out more about our partnership with Detailresult.

About Inergy

Inergy is jouw partner op gebied van data analytics. We helpen organisaties al meer dan 22 jaar om alle waarde uit hun data te halen. We bieden full service, non-stop datamanagement, advanced analytics en dashboarding op basis van de meest effectieve en efficiënte technologieën van dit moment. We zijn officieel Snowflake Premier Partner. Daarnaast zijn we ISAE 3402 en ISO 27001 gecertificeerd waardoor jouw data gegarandeerd veilig is.

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