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Snowflake is built specifically for the cloud and is a leader of its kind. With Snowflake and Inergy, you get unlimited storage, the best performance, top security and you are ready for the future.

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The Snowflake data platform

Snowflake enables any organization to mobilize its data with Snowflake's Data Cloud. Customers use the Data Cloud to aggregate data across silos, discover and securely share data, and perform various analytical workloads. Wherever data or users reside, Snowflake delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and regions.

Inergy offers full management on the data warehouse and applications. We guarantee that the information delivered by the data warehouse is available and accurate. This way, you as a customer know that you can actually rely on the management information provided by the data warehouse.

What you can expect from Snowflake

1. Value from your data

Twenty years of experience in the field of data warehousing and BI; as no other party we know the pitfalls of setting up a data warehouse environment that actually delivers business value. Our choice for Snowflake is based on these years of experience. We have tested and migrated a large number of existing datawarehouses on various platforms and can tell you like no other what the impact will be for you. Is it not about setting up a new data warehouse, but about a migration to Snowflake? We can tell you exactly what it will give you and what it will cost you. We will always do this based on a solid business case that you can also hold us accountable for.

2. New applications based on data

The power of Snowflake is not only in the data warehouse. Snowflake offers excellent opportunities to combine the structured data from the data warehouse with unstructured data that is normally the domain of a data warehouse. Our Data Scientists are ideally placed to help you find these new applications.

3. Data sharing.

Increasingly, Inergy sees that data is worth more when it is shared. Sharing data with suppliers or customers is increasingly financially interesting. The Snowflake platform is an excellent tool for sharing data securely.

4. Lift-and-shift or data warehouse modernization.

You might already have an existing data platform, perhaps on an on-premises environment that no longer meets all your requirements. With the Lift and Shift project approach, Inergy delivers a proven method to migrate existing data warehouse environments to the Snowflake platform. Specifically for these types of migrations, Inergy has a wide range of technical tools to ensure that the costs of a migration are minimized.

5. On time and on budget.

Inergy's approach guarantees that we deliver projects on time and within budget. Inergy works from the vision that a data warehouse is not a goal in itself. At Inergy we focus on the vision of 'We improve performance'. Together with you, we look at how we use data to achieve that. From this vision we develop the data warehouse and the applications, algorithms, business rules and dashboards. So no technology for the sake of technology.

6. Always available and accurate

Of course Snowflake runs in the cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Google, it's all possible. And of course the availability figures are great. But that availability only applies to the platform, not to the application we deliver in it together with you as a customer (whether that is dashboards, reports or more complex apps). What use is a great data warehouse if it turns out that the data link to an application does not work. Or worse, seems to work, but does not deliver the right data? This is precisely why Inergy offers full management of the data warehouse and the applications. We guarantee that the information provided by the data warehouse is available and accurate. As a client, you know that you can really rely on the management information provided by the data warehouse.

7. Managed Data Platform.

Even after the delivery of a data platform, Inergy remains involved in the success of your data platform. With our Managed Data Platform we facilitate your complete data supply, so you don't have to worry about it. We manage and monitor all data processes, resolving any incidents quickly and professionally, 24/7 if required. We ensure that your data is accessible in the way you want, for example in a dashboard or by e-mail. And we provide user support whenever you need it. So don't worry: we take care of it. So you can get on with your core business.


Our vision of a data platform

To really do something with your available data, you must first collect and then analyze that data. Find out all about our vision for a data platform.

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About us

Find out all about the Inergy company and the data-driven solutions we offer organizations in terms of data management, analytics and KPI dashboarding.

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How to get started with Data Analytics

Learn how to get a good start with Data Analytics, what practical applications there are for the data in your organization, and how a data platform helps you improve business performance.

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Referentie Rituals

Rituals steers with data platform

Rituals is going all out to improve business performance by managing more sharply. With Inergy's help, a robust data platform with Power BI was built.

Martijn Willems, Director of Control & Analytics at Rituals:
"With the Power BI platform, we manage to manage continuously, even at the store level. In Power BI dashboards, we can read all transactions. This means that we have almost real-time information about how sales are doing. Not only for all our stores together, but also per region or even per store..

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About Inergy

Inergy is jouw partner op gebied van data. We helpen organisaties al 25 jaar om alle waarde uit hun data te halen. We bieden full service dataoplossingen op basis van de meest effectieve en efficiënte technologieën van dit moment. We zijn officieel Snowflake Premier Partner. Daarnaast zijn we ISAE 3402 en ISO 27001 gecertificeerd waardoor jouw data gegarandeerd veilig is.

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