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Data management

Data management is the management, structuring, updating and securing of all data in your organization. By housing all data sources in a data warehouse, you can be sure that the data is accurate, well-structured and available 24/7.

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Collect all your data in one environment

Often, data from different data sources in organizations is stored separately and kept in different data environments. These so-called data silos all have their own data structure, making it impossible to easily gain insights and create dashboards and reports.

The goal of data management is to store all data securely, keep it up-to-date, ensure that data is complete and reliable, and that it is available in time for the tools that use it.

With good data management and by housing all these data sources in a data warehouse, you are assured that the data is accurate, well-structured and available 24/7. In addition, a data warehouse helps you meet data governance requirements.

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Peter Ledeboer – Specialist data analytics

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1. Build data platform.

1. Build data platform.

With unlimited storage, the best performance and top security, we make you ready for the future.

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3. Dataplatform beheren

3. Dataplatform beheren

Wij beheren en monitoren jouw dataplatform 24/7 zodat jij er geen omkijken naar hebt. We bieden dag én nacht support en zorgen ervoor dat je grip hebt op de kosten.

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4. Dataplatform doorontwikkelen

4. Dataplatform doorontwikkelen

We take care of expanding and updating your data platform. Additional data sources? New dashboards? We'll take care of it for you.

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Structure your data with data management

By properly structuring all data from different data sources in a data warehouse, you make data-based decisions significantly faster and easier. Data in a data platform is always up-to-date and accurate. This allows you to get valuable insights from dashboards and reports. In addition, you use the data directly for advanced analytics and data science applications.

Bring all relevant and necessary data under one data platform. This ensures that you always have the right data for every application. We continuously build, manage and develop your data platform.


Place all your data in a data warehouse and collect, structure and validate all data from the source systems.

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With Snowflake, you get unlimited storage, the best performance, top security and you're ready for the future.

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Cloud Migration

Bring your IT landscape to the cloud and benefit from lower management costs, greater flexibility and faster time to market.

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Reference Obvion Mortgages

Inergy supports Obvion with data, analytics and BI

Mortgage provider Obvion has to deal with increasingly complex and changing laws and regulations. Together with Inergy, Obvion is working on a new solution for Business Intelligence and data warehousing.

Daniëlle Brouwer, CFO of Obvion: "Inergy ensures that we can store data properly and provide access to it. We are actually completely relieved of the burden, so that we can focus on our core business: financial services."

Find out more about our partnership with Obvion.

About Inergy

Inergy is jouw partner op gebied van data. We helpen organisaties al 25 jaar om alle waarde uit hun data te halen. We bieden full service dataoplossingen op basis van de meest effectieve en efficiënte technologieën van dit moment. We zijn officieel Snowflake Premier Partner. Daarnaast zijn we ISAE 3402 en ISO 27001 gecertificeerd waardoor jouw data gegarandeerd veilig is.

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