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HR dashboard

With a customized HR dashboard you get instant insight into turnover, (sick) absence, salary costs, contract statuses and more. So you never have to search in the separate HR applications for information or create reports manually.

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All your data in one clear HR dashboard

Als HR manager ben je verantwoordelijk voor alle verschillende Human Resources taken. Je houdt je bezig met het volledige scala aan HR-werkzaamheden en je beschikt over veel data, verdeeld over allerlei tools. Om in control te zijn -en blijven- van wat er speelt op gebied van HR, wil je deze data omzetten in bruikbare inzichten. Het Human Resources dashboard laat in één oogopslag de voor jou meest belangrijkste cijfers zien.

View a fully interactive HR dashboard here.

Get easy insight into:

  • Employee demographics such as gender, age, tenure, department and position.
  • Development of gross and net salaries by department and employee.
  • Employee inflow and outflow.
  • Employees whose probationary period or contract is about to end.
  • And so much more. We'll look with you at what insights you're looking for. On that basis we build the dashboard. That way we know for sure that you will actually use it.
Peter Ledeboer

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"Our team enjoys working with the people at Inergy.
They catch on, have tremendous drive and are pleasant to deal with."

Anna Geraedts -
Chief Data Officer at Arbo Unie
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In één oogopslag inzicht in aflopende contracten

For example, an HR dashboard displays which contracts or trial periods are expiring. In this way, you have a clear picture at a glance of what actions need to be taken. You no longer have to look for the desired information in all the separate HR tools.

You also no longer have to create periodic manual reports. Everything comes together in one clear and actionable HR dashboard.

The HR dashboard at Rituals

Rituals is excited about Inergy's HR dashboard

The HR department of Rituals wanted to professionalize. In concrete terms, this meant: working more data-driven on the basis of reliable data. In order to access HR data more quickly, Rituals and Inergy decided to develop a KPI dashboard in Microsoft Power BI.

Joop Fiers, Head of HR Digital & Analytics at Rituals:

"I always hear positive things from our organization about the cooperation with Inergy. That's why I logically asked them to help with this HR project as well. They keep appointments and don't casually put together a dashboard."

Find out more about our partnership with Rituals.

Melvin van Inergy en Joop van Rituals

Example HR dashboard

Below is a fully working example of an HR dashboard in Power BI, designed by our Power BI consultants. In the dashboard, you can easily filter on the information you want. Do you want to see only information about the Sales department on the tab "Employees"? Then click on "Sales" on the "Employees" tab. All information on this tab will now be automatically filtered.

This dashboard is an example. Every HR manager has his or her own wishes and needs. That is why we make each dashboard completely customized so that you have immediate insight into the most important information for you.

Do you also want an HR dashboard? Please contact us for more information.

Your partner in the field of HR dashboards.

Whatever challenge you have, we will help you.

With over 22 years of experience in building and maintaining dashboards, we don't shy away from a challenge. In 2022 and 2023 we were named one of the leaders in digital transformation in the areas of data and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Over 22 years of experience building dashboards.
  • Your partner in the field of data analytics.
  • Named Top 10 leaders in digital transformation by MT/Sprout.
  • Microsoft Partner, Snowflake Premier Partner and SqlDBM Silver Partner.
  • ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 certified. 
Peter Ledeboer

Peter Ledeboer – Specialist data analytics

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"For us, Inergy is truly a trusted partner."

Martijn Willems -
Director Control & Analytics at Rituals
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Voldoe eenvoudig aan de pay transparency directive

Gender Pay Gap dashboard

Bedrijven met meer dan 250 medewerkers worden verplicht openheid te geven in de loonkloof tussen mannelijke en vrouwelijke werknemers. Voldoe eenvoudig aan deze verplichting door dit in een overzichtelijk PowerBI dashboard te visualiseren.

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About Inergy

Inergy is jouw partner op gebied van data. We helpen organisaties al 25 jaar om alle waarde uit hun data te halen. We bieden full service dataoplossingen op basis van de meest effectieve en efficiënte technologieën van dit moment. We zijn officieel Snowflake Premier Partner. Daarnaast zijn we ISAE 3402 en ISO 27001 gecertificeerd waardoor jouw data gegarandeerd veilig is.

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