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Budget management for the budget holder

With the budget management dashboard for the budget holder, your finances are shown in outline form so that you immediately have a good picture of the financial development of your budgets.

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Budget management for the budget holder

As a budget holder you want to be busy with the implementation of policy and you probably have less eye for the development of the budgets. A dashboard containing only the necessary information for the budget holder? In this dashboard the budget owner will find the most important information immediately together with an overview of the cost elements. In addition it is possible for the budget owner to click directly through to the cost types below. The budget holder can also see at a glance what the budget is in relation to the realization.

Vraag eenvoudig een demo voor het dashboard Budgetbeheer voor de budgethouder aan. Heb je nog vragen? Neem dan gerust contact op met Joost Wenderich (