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Performance management

Set measurable goals, determine who is responsible and receive regular interim results. The system automatically alerts in case of negative trends.

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Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software en oplossingen. Onder andere:

From strategy to action plan

With Performance Management, you easily translate your organization's strategy into goals, achievements, indicators and activities. That way you can see at a glance how your organization, program or department is doing.

Overview and insight

Improve the planning & control process of your organization with LIAS Performance Management and gain insight into the connections between them. Make timely adjustments if necessary and make goals an integral part of business operations.

Unprecedented flexibility

Every organization works in its own way with goals, KPIs and activities. Therefore, decide for yourself how to set up the module and learn easily and quickly how to work with it.

No more spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past with Performance Management. Information is entered automatically and processed in reports. With one cleverly designed question you get input for multiple reports.

Avoid sub-administrations

Avoid sub-administrations and use Performance Management to also query your ic processes or related parties, for example. Once you have done this, this information can be presented again.

Set up departmental plans

Goals are no longer locked up in documents, budgets or other pieces of text. So you more easily set priorities that the entire organization can adopt.

The other capabilities of LIAS Performance Management

  • College and Performance Goals
  • Indicators
  • Council Questions
  • Related parties
  • Project Plans
  • A3/departmental plans
  • Neighborhood Plans
  • Social domain
  • Reserves and provisions
  • Mandatory BBV indicators
  • Accountant Questions
  • Long-term agenda
  • Internal Controls

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