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Grip on your figures

LIAS Financial management

With a grip on your figures you give financial direction to your predetermined goals. Budgeting, forecasting and analysis. All in one system.

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Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software en oplossingen. Onder andere:

Detailed budgets

Prepare your budget using financial frameworks and develop them into detailed budget items.

Flexible financial screens

Get quick and easy insight into budget depletions or the development of the financial budget with good financial screens. This will save you both time and money.

Insightful forecasting

The forecasts give you insight into structural and incidental deviations so you can make the right decisions.

Workflow controlled

Make building the budget much easier with a well-organized workflow. This reduces the turnaround time of your budget process.

Cost sharing

Work with multiple allocation keys, calculate product rates or apply rate differentials. It's all possible.


Indexing budgets and processing nominal developments is done automatically. Which is very convenient.


As a budget holder, you fill out the year-end forecast a few times a year. In the forecast you can then look at higher levels such as department and program. This gives you a quick insight into the expected deviations from the established budget and your organization can inform the board in time and make adjustments where necessary.


Get insight at any time into your opening and closing balance for both realization and - projected - budget. Integrate this into planning & control documents such as Annual Accounts and Budget.

Always insight

With budget and spend consulting, everyone in the organization has visibility into their budgets. Whether you are a PAV (Performance Agreement Validator), budget holder, program manager or group controller, you always look at the current figures.

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