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Digital Handling

More and more is going digital. As a municipality, you can enhance the Online Publications module with the Digital Processing functionality. This allows you to search through all publications quickly and easily.

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Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software en oplossingen. Onder andere:

The advantages of LIAS Digital Handling

  • Quickly and easily search for up-to-date information
  • Very easy to make digital notes
  • Streamline your processes with the Technical Questions module
  • Take collaboration to the next level

What you can expect

  1. Digital handling

More and more is going digital. This includes the handling of the budget and the annual accounts in the council, the executive board and the civil service organization. Paper books are a thing of the past. Enhance the Online Publications module with the specific Digital Handling functionality. This will enable your organization to streamline the process.

  1. P&C portal

The starting point of the information provision for the planning and control cycle is the P&C portal. Here you can find all framework memorandums, multi-year budgets, budget reports and annual documents. Using the search function you can easily search through all the documents. This way you never have to search endlessly for the latest information.

  1. Taking notes

Of course, everything completely digital is only fine if you don't lose the habits you have with a paper book. Sticking yellows or making scribbles in the margin? You can easily do that by adding notes that are only visible to you. On all devices where you consult the publication.

  1. Technical Questions

Do you want to submit a technical question? With the Technical Questions module it is immediately clear what your technical question relates to. During the submission process the page where the question is about is included in the message. This way the organization quickly knows what it is about and can give you an unambiguous answer immediately.

  1. Collaborate

Collaboration is strengthened because you handle the P&C documents digitally. Notes that you make as a user can be shared with others. You yourself always have an overview of the technical questions you have asked. These questions are automatically shared with the clerk or the P&C coordinator so that they can be answered more quickly. In this way, the handling of the budget or the annual accounts is something you really do together as an organization.

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