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Service Desk

The Service Desk of Inergy is responsible for the first and second line support to all our customers. You can contact the Service Desk for a question, a problem, because something is not working or because you cannot log in anymore, for example.

Customers can log into the service desk customer portal themselves. There customers can log tickets, ask questions, make comments and view the progress of their tickets. The Service Desk can also be reached by email and by phone:
- Customer Portal can be reached at:
- Helpdesk LIAS: 0800-2132

If you do not yet have an account on our customer portal, you can request one from us by email or telephone.

For escalation around the ticket process, the manager of the service desk, Sjoerd Hoes, can be contacted directly. He can be reached at or through the general number at 0348 457 666

Reporting incidents

An incident is an event that is not part of the standard operation of the service and that causes or may cause an interruption or reduction in quality. In short, something worked and no longer works (properly). That is an incident. Inergy prioritizes incidents according to the classification rules from the SLA. Incidents can be escalated or de-escalated to a higher/lower priority by the service desk during the process. This is recorded in the ticket.

You report an incident to the service desk as follows:

  • Open the customer portal and choose the "new notification" option.
  • Next, the mandatory fields on the left side of the screen should be filled in and the ticket should contain as accurate a description as possible of the incident. When the ticket is filled out completely click on "save".
  • You will receive an automatically generated copy by email (you will also receive a copy when the status changes).
  • Via the customer portal, you can follow the progress of your report and, if necessary, communicate with the relevant handling agent
  • If there is a Prio1 notification, in addition to reporting the incident through the customer portal, it is requested that the notification be passed on by telephone.

It may happen that when an incident is reported it is not clear whether the cause lies with Inergy or with the customer. It may also happen that an incident can only be resolved together. Collaboration can mean help with analysis, help with recovery, actions to minimize or resolve the impact.

If such a situation occurs, the disruption will be reported to both Inergy's and the customer's service desk. Inergy is ultimately responsible for coordinating the disruption until it is clear that the disruption lies entirely with the customer. When reporting to the Inergy service desk, the reporter shall indicate (in addition to the general information):

  • That cooperation between the two organizations is desirable;
  • Who the contact person for the incident in question is;
  • Under which number the incident is known to the own organization;
  • What the (potential) impact is and what the urgency is to fix the incident.

Disruptions and maintenance

If a disruption impacts multiple customers or in case of maintenance work by Inergy, a notification is posted on the customer portal. By default, maintenance is performed in the evening hours or on weekends.