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Met LIAS ISMS heb je als lokale overheid een professionele tool voor informatieveiligheid en privacy in handen.
Met LIAS ISMS vertrouw je erop dat je voldoet aan de wettelijke eisen en best practices voor informatiebeveiliging.


Probeer LIAS ISMS 30 dagen gratis

Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software. Onder andere:

Information security and privacy with LIAS ISMS

Met LIAS ISMS identificeer je risico’s proactief, waarborg je de naleving van wet- en regelgeving en creëer je een veilige digitale omgeving. Verhoog het bewustzijn van informatiebeveiliging in jouw organisatie en bereid je moeiteloos voor op audits met ons gebruiksvriendelijke en effectieve ISMS.

Neem vandaag nog de controle over jouw informatiebeveiliging en privacy en ontdek hoe LIAS ISMS jouw organisatie naar een hoger niveau tilt.

Probeer LIAS ISMS nu 30 dagen geheel gratis en zonder verplichtingen. Zo ontdek je zelf de voordelen van LIAS ISMS.

Elke dag van het jaar klaar voor audits

Heb jij ook het gevoel dat de auditor iedere keer wel weer iets tegenkomt? Zorg dan voor een tevreden auditor. Dat bezorgt jou immers een stuk minder kopzorgen. Met LIAS ISMS voorzie je de auditor direct van alle noodzakelijke informatie en ben je op ieder moment van het jaar volledig klaar voor interne en externe audits.

De auditor ziet in het systeem eenvoudig alle noodzakelijke documenten en andere bewijslast. De auditor is hierdoor in een mum van tijd weer vertrokken en jij bent wederom gecertificeerd op gebied van informatiebeveiliging & privacy.

collega Michael Alvares achter laptop op kantoor
Sander en Bianca op kantoor

Nooit meer zelf informatie ophalen in de organisatie

Moet je in aanloop naar de audit steeds weer op zoek naar de benodigde informatie binnen de organisatie? Met LIAS ISMS is dit voorbij en hoef je nooit meer zelf achter verantwoordelijken en actiehouders aan.

Met LIAS ISMS koppel je verantwoordelijken aan controls. Deze verantwoordelijken wijzen een actiehouder aan in LIAS ISMS. De actiehouder voert de taak uit, rapporteert de status én voegt bewijslast toe in het LIAS ISMS en borgt hiermee de control binnen de organisatie.

Zo houd jij je weer bezig met zaken waar jij verstand van heb: het waarborgen van de vertrouwelijkheid, integriteit en beschikbaarheid van de informatie en systemen.

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"We are working on the 'Three Lines of Defense model (3LoD)' for security and privacy.

LIAS ISMS is an inseparable part of this."

Freddy Dijkstra - CISO at Municipality of Leeuwarden
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Onze 4 modules voor informatiebeveiliging & privacy

Het LIAS ISMS bestaat uit de volgende 4 modules. Je kiest zelf de modules die voor jou belangrijk zijn.

  • IMS module:

    Implement your policy frameworks and divide them into specific clusters with the IMS module. You easily assign responsible and executive accounts.

  • ENSIA-module:

    Work efficiently with the basic security levels per information cluster thanks to the ENSIA module. This module supports information cluster owners in complying with BIO controls and government measures.

  • Privacymodule:

    Implement privacy policies and ensure proper compliance with the AVG using the privacy module. Easily comply with privacy laws and regulations.

  • Risicomodule:

    Identify, assess and manage risks in the risk module of LIAS ISMS. Link risks to specific information clusters and easily assign responsible and executive accounts. The module also provides tools for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the measures taken. 
Remo Schimmel on the phone at Inergy's office

30 dagen gratis trial

Ervaar zelf de voordelen van LIAS ISMS

Ontdek de kracht en het gemak van LIAS ISMS met onze gratis 30-daagse trial. Neem de controle over jouw informatiebeveiliging en privacy en start vandaag nog met onze gratis trial – geen verplichtingen, alleen resultaten.

Probeer LIAS ISMS 30 dagen gratis

Daan de Schepper in conversation with Berend Wijte in the office

Put an end to working in Excel

Still working in Excel for information security and privacy tracking? Then make the move to the LIAS ISMS. The biggest advantages of the LIAS ISMS are:

  • Zie eenvoudig welke acties open staan en welke zijn afgerond. Vervolgens informeer je collega’s daar eenvoudig over. Zo hoef je nooit meer zelf informatie op te halen.

  • If the standards framework changes, update your LIAS ISMS easily and you don't have to start over.

  • LIAS ISMS gives you suggestions on how to get from A to B, while Excel does not.

  • Informeer én attendeer medewerkers over uit te voeren acties en houd hier eenvoudig toezicht op.

  • All actions are logged, allowing you to monitor tasks and quickly assess changes.

  • Built-in dashboards allow you to see all statuses at the touch of a button and follow up with colleagues as needed.

Set up, monitor and repeat accountability cycle efficiently

Composing procedures yourself and keeping them up to date takes a lot of time and the necessary education. The LIAS ISMS makes your work easier. With the integrated management system, you as CISO, PO, FG or department of civil affairs immediately have a management tool in your hands.
Have you already developed documents and policies? Then simply add them to the LIAS ISMS. The tool helps you to efficiently set up, monitor and repeat the accountability cycle.

Accountability to ENSIA
has never been easier.

Easily establish ENSIA accountability

In LIAS ISMS, the ENSIA questions are linked to the measures of the BIO and other standards frameworks. As a result, you can see the status of the control directly from the ISMS and record accountability from there. Accountability thus takes place in one place and ensures that the ENSIA is coordinated the ISMS.

The ENSIA list in the ISMS stores history, is searchable by standards framework and offers the possibility to make internal notes. With the click of a button, you create an export of your accountability so you can easily import it into the government's ENSIA tool.

This allows you to account effectively and efficiently. This remains available throughout the year, can be viewed at a glance and is linked to your own measures within the ISMS.

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Support in organizing, setting up, managing and optimizing

LIAS ISMS supports you in organizing, setting up, managing and optimizing the information security and privacy in your organization. The most important function of the ISMS is therefore maximum support in the quality cycle according to the Plan-Do-Check-Act principle, or PDCA cycle.

This is how you determine the scope, improve your processes and are prepared for audits. With the LIAS ISMS, you have real-time insight into the controls, responsibilities and status of information security and privacy.

Tell me more about LIAS ISMS

The benefits of LIAS ISMS

  • Clear dashboard with overviews and reports of BIO, AVG, DigiD, SUWI, BRP, Travel and value documents, BAG, BGT, BRO and KIDO.

  • Laws and regulations elaborated in policies, guidelines and procedures. You will also find a translation of the measures in the ISMS. These are updated in case of changes in laws and regulations.

  • Connection to the ENSIA tool.

  • Full integration with the privacy standards framework and registries where you can choose from multiple AVG standards frameworks (VNG, CIP, NOREA).

  • Suitable for collaborative organizations.

  • Risk analysis with predefined functionalities (BBN test).

  • All BIO controls including the (government) measures and implementation guidelines from ISO27002 are linked to the subject areas and predefined.
    They are also supplemented with additional notes (case law, useful tips) so you can get started right away.

  • A link between the BIO and ENSIA, so you can use ISMS to facilitate preparation for ENSIA throughout the year.

  • Smart workflow with automatic data processing that can be customized with unlimited delegation.

Privacy Management System (PMS).

Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) brings challenges. These are not just in the law itself. They also arise due to limited resources, fragmented policies or outdated processes. Moreover, the scope and impact of the AVG requires effort from at all levels of the organization, as many processes use personal data. This requires a high degree of involvement, insight and perception.

With a well-designed privacy policy you connect all policy themes, processes and procedures that arise from the AVG. By describing together how you want to deal with privacy, you get a tool with which you can steer and be accountable.

With LIAS ISMS you have a Privacy Management System (PMS) that helps your organization to continue to meet the legal requirements and obligations around personal data. The tool offers full integration with the privacy standards framework and registries. You can choose from various AVG standards frameworks (VNG, CIP, NOREA).
In addition, the tool offers a register of processors and a register of processing operations and you can keep an overview of incidents and access requests. You will also find a DPIA wizard in the privacy tool.

Seeing is believing. Request a free demo.

In a conversation and demonstration, everything becomes so much clearer.