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LIAS Data Platform

With the LIAS Data Platform we unlock all the data in your organization in a fully automated way. We manage your environment and take all the stress out of it.

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Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software en oplossingen. Onder andere:

Data-driven municipalities

Municipalities have been collecting valuable data for years: from resident data to transportation flows. Now is the time to use that data. By incorporating all data in the LIAS Data Platform you create actionable dashboards with the necessary management information. Thanks to Business Intelligence (BI) your municipality will be able to steer better to the achievement of annual goals and determine new policy more efficiently.

The benefits of the LIAS Data Platform.

  • Opt for total peace of mind: we manage your data platform
  • The data platform always contains the correct and most recent information
  • No lengthy implementation process; up and running within a week
  • No cost for existing LIAS customers in combination with 1 or more Analytics products

"There is peace and overview because there is one place where planning and control is implemented."

Erik Peek - Municipality of Zaanstad

What you can expect from us

  • Available control information

Business Intelligence helps to quantify and measure annual goals. This gives the municipality insight into the status of projects and goals, as well as the opportunity to make timely adjustments. In this way civil servants can still meet annual targets or adjust targets thanks to a data-driven argument.

  • More efficient determination of new policies

Smart use of data helps you determine new policies. Think, for example, of determining the number of new homes to be built. Demographic data combined with the inflow and outflow of residents provide insight into the housing needs within the municipality. Based on this data you can even go a step further: with predictive analytics you can predict how the housing demand will develop in the future.

  • Better grip on the social domain

Since decentralization, responsibility for youth care and care for the long-term sick and elderly lies with municipalities. It is up to your municipality to provide maximum care based on the available budget. In order not to exceed this budget, insight into the status of care projects and expected costs is needed. This is where Business Intelligence can be of great help.

"The board is now getting faster and better-crafted reports in their hands thanks to LIAS."

Albert Foekens - Municipality of Nijmegen

All about the LIAS Data Platform

The LIAS Data Platform is the basis of all LIAS modules and therefore specially designed for local governments. The platform meets all the requirements you would expect from a modern cloud platform and is fully based on Azure. The data platform is a combination of our experience in building data platforms and our experience within the financial domain of LIAS.

What does the LIAS Data Platform give you?

The LIAS Data Platform unlocks all financial data. The unlocking of data is fully automated. We release our SaaS products three times a month. During these releases we always unlock new sources. This way you can be sure that the data platform always contains the correct and most recent information.

If you choose for the LIAS Data Platform, then you choose for complete peace of mind: we manage your environment 24/7 and guarantee that the platform always contains the correct and most recent information. What a comfort.

What does the implementation of the LIAS Data Platform look like?

Within one week, the LIAS Data Platform is fully up and running. So there is no question of a lengthy implementation process. The platform is flexible and we can link to any source you want. Do you already have an existing environment? Or do you have very specific wishes for a platform? We are of course happy to help you with that. Discover more about our experience in building data platforms here.

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