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LIAS Content

LIAS Content makes your job easier because content for information security and privacy is translated into best-practices policies, procedures and reports. All you have to do is plug into them.


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Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software en oplossingen. Onder andere:

Make your job easy with LIAS Content

New content is written for you. Updates to processes and procedures are prepared using best practices and laws and regulations and automatically added and offered. Because of its simplicity in management, it is easy to keep up to date yourself. Have you already developed your own procedures or policies? Then you can simply put them into LIAS Content. 

LIAS Content is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is quick and easy to implement and scale. There are two modules available for LIAS Content; one for Information Security and one for Privacy. Both modules can be purchased separately. 

Information Security Module

Under the privacy module you can find everything about the AVG. From introduction, policy and data breaches to awareness and processing. Do you have a data breach and you do not know how the process goes? Your procedure is already written out. Do you want to know how to perform a Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA)? In LIAS Content you will find the information, a process, a checklist and step-by-step plan on this.

LIAS Content makes your job easier because we have translated content for information security and privacy into best-practices policies, procedures and reports.

As a 'content partner' we ensure that the content remains current. We keep an eye on legislation and regulations for you and incorporate this into the articles. You will receive a 'change proposal' so you can check whether this change suits you. Do you want to get started quickly with information security and privacy within your organization or municipality? There are more than 1200 examples and best practices in LIAS Content. You can start working with them immediately, without having to reinvent the wheel. And with the extensive search functionality you'll quickly find the document or procedure you're looking for.

Tasks and PDCA

Do you want a procedure to be checked every year for timeliness. Using 'tasks' you can set up a PDCA within LIAS Content. For example, you can have a check or report come back annually as a task.

When you create tasks around a certain theme, for example all articles around BRP or HRM, it is possible to bundle these tasks in a work list. 

When you find an error in an article, an article is not up to date anymore or you want to make an improvement in an article, you can change it with a change proposal. The 'owner' of the article can easily see this change and implement it. In this way, your organization remains current.

Product support

As a user of LIAS Content we are happy to support you whenever you need it. Together we'll look at what you need to do to make even better use of the application, so that you can work even more efficiently. Do you need help with implementation, training or handy tips and tricks? Then make use of our product support. That way you'll get the most out of LIAS Content! 

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