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CISO as a Service

With an increased focus on cybersecurity, it is important to have a central director regarding information security in-house. With CISO as a Service from Inergy, you can easily and flexibly hire a CISO.

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Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software en oplossingen. Onder andere:

CISO as a Service from Inergy

Are you (temporarily) without a CISO? Choose from the following options:

  • The CISO is available on call for a period of weeks or months. 
  • The CISO works a minimum of one set day a week (possibly on site) to take over or observe the role of CISO. 

The CISO as a Service option from Inergy means that you get your own CISO who provides support on fixed days. So you have flexible deployment based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) where you determine the number of days. You get one point of contact. This CISO is also directly at your disposal in case of emergencies.

The CISOs of Inergy are experienced information security professionals with relevant experience in the field at both operational, tactical and strategic levels. They work for multiple organizations and have extensive experience with ISMS systems. Our CISOs have close contact with each other and exchange relevant knowledge with each other. You get an experienced CISO for the budget that fits your organization.

Information Security

Information security is here to stay. Companies and institutions want and need to have sufficient knowledge, capacity and structure to deal with cybersecurity challenges. Only a well-considered deployment of information security minimizes the risks, without being an obstacle for business operations.

The CISO has a central role in managing all processes at both the technical and organizational level. Central control by an expert, independent and experienced CISO who understands all those involved, is the basis for a sound approach. The CISO also plays an increasingly important role within Dutch municipalities. 

"When it became clear that we were without a CISO, they indicated that they could fill that role ad interim. They then suggested bringing in Jeroen Koster for this purpose. That was a good match with both the organization and the people."

Sybrand Doevendans, CISO of the Municipality of Waadhoeke

CISO at municipalities

Composing procedures yourself and keeping them up to date takes a lot of time and the necessary education. The LIAS ISMS makes your work easier. With the integrated management system, you as CISO, PO, FG or department of civil affairs immediately have a management tool in your hands.
Have you already developed documents and policies? Then simply add them to the LIAS ISMS. The tool helps you to efficiently set up, monitor and repeat the accountability cycle.

Why a CISO from Inergy?

Inergy has experienced professionals who have made many meters in local government and municipalities. From ENSIA coordinator, audits and the BIO to information management, Inergy has extensive experience in all areas. 

Information security can no longer be separated from IT and the organizational structure. Because of the experience of our professionals, there is a shorter "learning time" so you get everything out of the deployment. 

"We are really happy with Klaas. His expertise has helped us tremendously. Klaas's way of communicating is direct, but honest. He keeps going until the penny drops and everyone understands the goal."

Marco Muizelaar, ICT Service Manager of the Municipality of Dronten

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about CISO as a Service or have other questions about information security and privacy? Then feel free to contact us. We offer you a free consultation with, if desired, tailored advice. 

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