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Municipality of Dalfsen

In 2012, the municipal council of Dalfsen adopted a plan to redesign our entire planning and control instruments. To help with this, the municipality of Dalfsen purchased LIAS Enterprise.

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Mission of the Municipality of Dalfsen

In 2012, the Dalfsen City Council adopted a plan to redesign the entire planning and control instruments. This consisted of 16 improvement measures, from quick wins to more fundamental measures, which had to be realized by 2015. The dot on the horizon was to achieve digital control in which information is available in real time, for both the council and the municipal organization. To help us do this, we purchased LIAS Enterprise.

"Importantly, LIAS also proved to be very user-friendly for both users and our own application administrator."


There have been many great results during this improvement effort. Read the most important ones below.

  • Much shorter turnaround times.
  • More perception and understanding by all involved.
  • Ease of use. Information is quick and easy to access.
  • Fewer errors due to real-time (financial) statements.
  • When budget holders click through to the financial module, they can access the digital invoice.
  • Management is more in order, also in the opinion of the auditor.
  • Region municipalities flock to Dalfsen to gain knowledge.
  • Many compliments from the City Council.

In addition, of course, the online annual report is a fine result. This is the first online P&C product with the goal of many more to follow.

Eye opener

From the staff department Control and Result we have been continuously looking for new improvements. By wanting to innovate and taking into account the dot on the horizon (digital control instead of thick books), the instruments were improved step by step. The experiences of the users have also been taken into account, for example by conducting evaluations. Their input has always been the basis for new steps. In this way LIAS has helped us a lot with the entire improvement process of planning and control.

Key to success

The implementation of LIAS went very quickly for us. We started using LIAS in May 2013. The link with our financial system was successful within a day and then the modules financial management, document management and performance management were set up in quick succession. In September 2013, we were already able to present a completely new program budget.

The risk management module has also been set up and we are now in the process of completing the new dashboard module. In just under 2 years, we have implemented all 5 modules and are using them extensively. Another important aspect was that LIAS proved to be very user-friendly for both the users and our own application manager.

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