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Municipality of Hengelo

The municipality of Hengelo recently started working with the LIAS BUIG application. Following a tip-off from neighboring municipality Noaberkracht Dinkelland Tubbergen, Elsbeth Brekveld, Financial Advisor at the municipality of Hengelo, and a number of colleagues decided to also choose this tool, which gives municipalities insight into the structure of their BUIG budgets.

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What do you think about LIAS BUIG so far?

"I'm excited. We are definitely still in the initial phase, but we will continue to work convincingly in the coming period. I worked very pleasantly with Dirk Jans - Product Owner LIAS at Inergy - during the start-up phase. He has a lot of knowledge and could also explain things well from a distance. With great confidence we went in last January."

Have you discovered any benefits of the tool yet?

"Yes indeed. I think a big advantage is that we can compare our municipality with other municipalities in certain respects. Where do we stand compared to the rest? The BUIG application contains data from all municipalities. If you want to zoom in on certain parts you can. I consider that a great advantage. The past few months we have been busy with the wage subsidy. The distribution system is and remains incredibly complicated, but fortunately the BUIG application helps and supports us well. As a municipality we are now better able to interpret the data. We hope to be able to deepen this in the coming year."

How do you view Inergy as a knowledge partner?

"The impression I've gotten so far is very positive. Lots of energy. Regular webinars are given that you can follow free of charge. I found the webinar on LIAS BUIG very interesting and I really learned something from it. The webinar dealt with, among other things, the change in the wage cost subsidy and the provisional results of an in-depth BUIG survey of the municipality of Almelo were shared. After the webinar, I came into contact with the municipality of Almelo. We as the municipality of Hengelo would like to work together. It is very good that any knowledge of various municipalities is shared in a webinar. In the end everyone benefits. As I said, the distribution model remains enormously complicated, so it is all the nicer that we can help each other with it."

Why do you think other municipalities should also purchase LIAS BUIG?

"The application makes getting the right insights so much easier. Without BUIG, the story becomes a lot harder and it is never possible to interpret all the data properly and gain more in-depth knowledge. More concretely, I can give three reasons why it is wise for municipalities to purchase the application. Firstly, it is ideal that you can zoom in per decision and see exactly what it means. BUIG gives each municipality more insight into the data. Secondly, I find it very useful that you can compare parts of municipalities and on a national standard by means of the Benchmark component. We have done that, for example, in the case of the wage subsidy. Thirdly, it is very nice that you can get management reports from the application in both Word and PDF. Cutting and pasting among other planning and control documents is so very easy."

Is there anything else you would like to see reflected in the BUIG application?

"I would really like it if there were a possibility to compare multiple years. The data from municipalities are reasonably up to date, but if they could be updated even faster that would be very nice."

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