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Municipality of Someren

In a single monthly account, management information is generated automatically at multiple levels and for different perspectives, which has now become a permanent part of the PDCA cycle.

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Steering at the corporate and departmental level

Manuel Kolen, financial consultant: "The challenges have been met in terms of efficiency and quality. But by deploying LIAS more broadly than its original purpose (only budget and annual report), we have also achieved better control at corporate and departmental level."

In one monthly report, management information is generated automatically at multiple levels and for different perspectives, which has now become a permanent part of the PDCA cycle. The monthly LIAS report (whatever it may be) has turned out to be so important for starting a discussion in the organization that you really want to know! (Variation on the insurance company's Star ad "you don't want to know that").

"By deploying LIAS more broadly than its original purpose (budget and annual report only), better steering has also been achieved at the corporate and departmental levels."

Manuel Kolen - Financial advisor to the municipality of Someren

Eye opener

During the first implementation it became clear that the 'goal tree' could also be used for various other reports, even if they were outside the scope of the budget. For example, we have used LIAS to monitor the implementation of decisions in the context of a core tasks discussion on a quarterly basis.

We now produce standard monthly departmental progress reports from the budget using LIAS, which are "lifted" to the level of management reporting on a quarterly basis. The latter is also a piece of cake with LIAS. From the input for the MaRap's we also distill an annual planning for the council that is updated monthly. And following on from that, we also use the same data to make departmental plans, which of course include the topics and investment items from the budget, but then supplemented with a number of major topics that are specific to a department. In this way, the head of the department also has a monthly overview of the most important issues within the department.

The Mission

A faster and more efficient way of working for the preparation of our financial reports (including the budget, financial statements, departmental reports, council calendar).
Eliminate the loose Microsoft Word and Excel files that were circulating within our organization and provide a clear structure for the provision of information. (file management).
Compile a book and/or present management information with the press of a button.

Smart find
LIAS has led to efficiency, time savings and reliability in numbers (there is only one truth).
By implementing LIAS, we are able to deliver reports and management information faster. Because we have all the data (text and figures) available in one database, there has been significant time savings in compiling the "books" (budget, financial statements). LIAS Enterprise also makes it easier to combine data from different sources in reports. With this, various management reports can be defined with great frequency "at the push of a button".

Key to success

The key to success lies in creating support among the board and management team, reliable software and skilled consultants.
Knowledge within the organization of the package (application management) and needs (P&C) are a prerequisite for optimal service and support to users.

In the municipality of Someren the responsibilities are placed as low as possible in the organization. Reporters in LIAS are therefore usually also the executive employees. Because the texts of the reporters are (in principle) published without further intervention, it has been important for us to pay attention to the reporting technique and to develop the so-called political antenna.

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