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VIC Dashboard

The VIC is a mandatory component for all municipalities. The VIC Dashboard gives you instant insight into the processes and how the findings/recommendations were followed up.

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Exceptional Internal Control

The Supplemental Internal Audit (VIC) is a mandatory component for all municipalities. In the VIC, all processes of the municipality are identified and noted. Then you want to have control over this: how are we doing in terms of our internal billing, personnel policies, etc.?

The auditor audits the VIC and makes findings and recommendations on it that you are expected to follow up on.

Daan de Schepper in conversation with Berend Wijte in the office
Remo Schimmel on the phone at Inergy's office

Understanding the VIC

The VIC dashboard gives you as a group controller, council member, process manager or department manager insight into the internal process.

A change in the law requires the City Council to know about this as well.

The VIC dashboard allows you to easily walk through the overview of findings and recommendations. It is an ideal dashboard for the board and management and for departments directly or indirectly involved in internal control.

The VIC dashboard explained

The VIC dashboard is a PowerBI dashboard with three tabs. Thanks to these three tabs, everyone has insight into the processes within your organization.

  • Status:
    In this tab you will find an overview of all processes, along with a status on financial control, quality and legality.
  • Scope:
    This tab visually shows the financial impact of a process.
  • Finding/Recommendation:
    This tab lists all findings and recommendations including their corresponding status.

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