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PAUW Dashboard

The PAUW Analytics dashboard presents the main redistribution effects of the municipal fund recalibration in an optimal way. All major redistribution effects in one environment.

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Redistribution effects recalibration municipal fund

With the recalibration of the municipal fund you want to have a quick insight in what this means for your municipality. For that purpose we have developed the PAUW Analytics Dashboard. This dashboard is made in Microsoft PowerBI and you can use it immediately. So you're quickly able to see what the recalibration means for you.

You can see the redistribution effects by domain, cluster or measures and compare them with other municipalities. This way you can directly answer questions you get from the internal organization.

You simply request the PAUW dashboard. After completing the form, we will contact you about the delivery of the dashboard. Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact Sonja Valstar at

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