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Efficient collaboration for local governments

LIAS Enterprise

Create, manage and monitor policy documents collaboratively online. Set goals, analyze results, and make reporting insightful for everyone - from policy staff to council members and citizens.

Alle 342 gemeenten in Nederland maken gebruik van LIAS software. Onder andere:

Your complete Planning & Control cycle digitally

Planning & Control reports

Collaborate in real time - from budget to annual report

No more separate documents, but all the same truth. From controller to budget holder, from management to policy officer. Monitoring progress and quality has never been easier.

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Financial Management

Get a grip on your figures with Financial management

With a grip on your figures you give financial direction to your predetermined goals. Budgeting, forecasting and analysis. All in one system. Keeping complicated and error-prone Excel sheets is a thing of the past.

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Performance Management

Make timely adjustments based on current results

Set measurable goals, determine who is responsible and receive regular interim results. The system will automatically warn you in case of negative trends. This allows you to make timely adjustments if necessary.

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Risk Management

Prevention is better than cure

Map out all the risks in the planning & control cycle, set up control measures and assign risk owners. This will prevent unpleasant surprises and keep your organization in control.

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Get insight into all your data sources

With Analytics from LIAS you can make complex information clear in a snap. Developments, trends and striking deviations are thus more quickly and easily visible.

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Online Publications

All information visible and accessible online

Publish your documents online and in your own house style with the push of a button. Visitors easily navigate through all available information. Accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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MIP Assets

Always insight into investments, credits and assets

Say goodbye to assumptions and use intuitive dashboards to see at a glance which projects and processes are running and where you can make adjustments. This gives you insight into your organization's total capital costs.

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